Leadership Models for People and Businesses

As a leader, it’s important to have a complete set of skills to accelerate your personal, professional, and organizational performance. Our Townsend Leadership Program features groups around the country that meet on a monthly basis to support each other in growth and success, both professionally and personally.

About the program


How it Works

Being a member

This program will cultivate growth alongside other members who have the same investment into their personal and professional growth. As director, throughout the year you and other members will gather and as a team of diverse leaders from different industries, and we will sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron.

Stretch Goals

As a team member of our program we will help you set and conquer three, big-picture goals that are most important to you, that impact your leadership, your organization, and help you in current opportunities and difficulties that you face.


TLP Training Agenda

Work Group

Benefit from your team’s collective knowledge during high-value, confidential SWOT analysis segments.

Check In

Chart stretch goals and individualized homework assignment progress at a roundtable for accountability and support.


Participate in practical interactive leadership lessons based on Dr. Townsend’s unique model. Representative topics:

Creating a High-Performance Team Culture

Dealing with Negative Realities Effectively

The ROI of Forgiveness

Skills for Accelerating Performance During Difficult Times

Process Group

Gain understanding, feedback, and solutions from members who understand your situation. Collaborate to help resolve any hindrances to your leadership success.


Create a monthly assignment based on the day’s training lecture session to build your skills through personalized actionable items that pertain to your stretch goals and new skills learned in the program.

Individual Coaching Session

Further your growth trends during tailored one-to-one time with your TLP Director.

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