A very special thanks to.

Ms. Sadecky helped me. She has Mastery of a coaching process that works, the emotional intelligence to connect, and the courage to challenge. If you're fortunate enough to work with her you will be changed for "good".

Ken Jennings - Author and Chairman of Third River Partners

The idea of sitting down regularly , thinking about my leadership and talking about issues is so helpful! Often we know the answers and we don't take the time to talk with someone else about them. When you have a coach to ask you great questions, causes you to think more deeply and helps you see the opportunities, you become a more successful leader. Thank you Heidi, your coaching has impacted me to be a more successful leader and it was great working with you.

Dr. Rahul K. -Clinical Director, Pediatric OR, Johns Hopkins University Hospital


I had the pleasure of receiving Gallup Strengths Coaching from Heidi. Heidi provided helpful insight into my strengths and talents and facilitated great conversation, through actively listening and asking effective questions, to allow me to reveal for myself, where my strengths and talents are currently being used in my work and personal life. The results of the Gallup Strengths assessment were in line with my understanding of my interests and passions, and Heidi provided a deeper understanding of how my strengths and talents work together and affect each other. Her conversations regarding the “basements” or “perceived basements” of my strengths were extremely helpful, as I continue to focus on closing the gap between my intentions as a leader and how others experience me. Her strength coaching style of compassion, kindness, and confidence provided wonderful affirmations and suggestions that motivate me to want to continue this journey of turning my talents into strengths. 

Allison R. - M.S., Executive Consultant


Heidi is an excellent coach!  Her ability to gently nudge me towards true change was done with kindness, compassion, and truth.  Her repertoire of skills enabled her to identify my strengths, gain positive change within the area of emotional intelligence, and helped me feel more confident when dealing with conflict resolution.  I believe Heidi’s coaching has enabled me to work towards attaining my best self!

Cheryl M. - Director, Human Resources

Heidi's involvement with our team fills a void in our organization that is essential to our success: the facilitation of honest discussion amongst our team members which promotes buy-in and cohesiveness as we navigate dramatic and constant change in the way we serve our clients. As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to acknowledge my own shortcomings when it comes to understanding, motivating, and engaging my team. But with Heidi's help, we have identified needs for improvement and accelerated the implementation process of significant changes through guided, efficient dialogue. We have never left a session with Heidi without clear action items and a sense of personal responsibility within each of us to do our part to reach our goal.

I truly believe surrounding myself with people who posses skills which I lack is the key to my effectiveness as a leader, and I have clearly found that in Heidi. Her ability to extract constructive feedback and proactive thinking from our team facilitates conversations I would not be comfortable initiating on my own. These conversations lead to a more energized and collaborative culture which, without a doubt, shines through in our interactions with clients and prospects.

Heidi's value can easily be measured in the cost savings derived from her effective change management strategies as well as the sense of relief afforded to me by her ability to shoulder the burden of navigating the uncomfortable dialogue that can result from dramatic change. We are excited to have Heidi on our team and look forward to her involvement in the challenges we face going forward!

Matt R. - Entrepreneur, Business Owner

 Heidi always made me feel she was "there with me", alongside me and striving to understand me so that she could coach me very effectively. This has been a positive impact on my life as a whole, not just my leadership journey. Every time we spoke or met in person, Heidi demonstrated compassion and understanding.  Often Heidi connected with my emotions on a deep level and I really felt she supported me in this journey.  I feel Heidi truly walks the walk.

- Assistant Vice President, of an East coast health system

I entered into a coaching relationship with Heidi during a transitional period of my career. Heidi's expertise and gentle yet firm approach allowed me the time to explore and clarify my personal and professional values. Working through this coaching process, Heidi helped me to create a stable platform for decision making which continues to provide direction for my life.

Terry F. - Healthcare Executive

It has truly been a pleasure working with you as my leadership coach for the last six months. I especially appreciate your coaching techniques. You have a very unique way of gently guiding me in such a way that I was able to come up with the best tactics. You always had a compassionate presence, encouraged proactive thinking, and encouraged me to always keep the greater goal in mind in all interactions.

I found the coaching sessions extremely helpful in reinforcing the serving leadership principles. You helped me develop techniques that I was able to effectively implement both at home and at work. Most importantly, you helped me develop a stronger work-life balance by making me realize that these same principles of serving leadership are just as effective at home as they are at work. I was able to use these principles to navigate some particularly important and crucial negotiations at work that helped me achieve results that were more than I anticipated. Over the last several months that I have worked with you, I have noticed that my team was getting results that we had struggled to obtain earlier and we were making rapid progress on projects that were moving slowly earlier.

I highly recommend you as a coach for anyone who wants to improve themselves both as a leader and a person. I am very excited to have had the opportunity to work with you and believe that our coaching sessions have given me the self-awareness to continue growing in my career. Thank you for your guidance and coaching.

Sujatha K., M.D. - Associate Professor, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Before I started working with Heidi, I felt like I was weighed down by a wet blanket, holding me back from reaching my potential.  I had forgotten who I was inside, what strengths and unique talents that used to shine.  I felt I had wasted years of my life in stagnation and I doubted my ability to make a career move beyond anything I was already doing. 

By applying various assessment tools and by discerning God’s will, Heidi guided me to re-ignite passions and interests in my life that had been dormant.  Her coaching provided the tools and encouragement that I need to reassess where I’d been in my life, realize how God created me and given me the confidence I needed to take bold steps forward with a renewed, humble confidence.

Heidi has helped me take off the wet blanket and see what I'm capable of.  She has given me the confidence to move forward in my life. I'm still the same person, yet Heidi has helped me better understand how God created me and realize what I can accomplish with God's help. Heidi's coaching has energized and empowered me and given me humble confidence and boldness. I had been like a light that had been covered, but God intended me to shine in other ways. I now have much more confidence to make a change and do what I feel God has called me to do – to use the gifts He has given me.

Heidi’s life-coaching has helped me see that I have a lot to offer to a future employer, to church groups, community volunteer groups and to friends and family. I now have a God-centered confidence and a passion to take leaps forward in several areas of my life.  Heidi has helped me hit the reset button on my life and now I feel I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Thank you Heidi!

Ann H. - Business Development Manager -  a major chemical company

Heidi is an expert communicator, who actively listens and asks effective questions that lead to discovery, insight and action. She enabled me to  identify my own priorities and values, which helped me determine my best course of action for several challenging work scenarios.  Her coaching  allowed me to directly apply the theoretical underpinnings observing leader ship to my day-to-day practice at work, as well as within my personal life.  In the spirit of a Serving Leader, Heidi is a compassionate person whose work fosters hope and optimism.  Heidi is super!

Helen D.- Human Resource Manager, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore

Heidi is an outstanding coach! Knowledgeable, encouraging, and always helpful, she embodies a compassionate presence. She is an expert at posing questions that promote self-discovery while providing specific advice and tools in the proper balance. Our coaching sessions allowed me to think through challenges and develop actionable solutions- all in 45 minutes. I always came away feeling lighter and more optimistic about the future. Our sessions together were one of the most effective and memorable experiences of my serving leadership journey.

Dr. Nauder F. - Professor of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, MD, MDH, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore


I want to recognize Heidi’s contribution to my leadership skills through our individual coaching sessions.  I appreciate that she was very direct and prevented our veering off course, keeping our time productive.  Though we spoke about specific circumstances, it was always in the context of using these to illustrate broader principles, while at the same time coming alongside me providing coaching for me to solve problems.  I found her to be a good and active listener which made it easier to receive coaching because it was truly directed at issues as I saw and experienced them.  Thank-you Heidi!

Dr. Allan G. - M.D. Ph.D., Director, Postdoctoral Research Training Program, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore

Heidi Sadecky was a featured guest speaker for our Eastern Region Team Meeting for Shared Services at Caterpillar.  Not only was her presentation timely and applicable, it was an encouragement and a "jump starter" for all of us who are juggling many, many obligations in our lives!  She prompted us to be honest and introspective about our lives and priorities.   This enabled us to take a realistic look at how and where we spend our time in relationship to living a balanced and "desired" life.  Her presentation style, delivery and no nonsense approach to fuller and contentedly living is refreshing.  She has the gift of encouraging people "where they are".  Heidi is definitely passionate about living life to the fullest and it shows in her engaging and methodical approach to facilitating the growth of others. Thank you Heidi!!

Marsha S. -  Human Resources, Caterpillar Inc.

"Life to the Fullest Coaching has helped me to recognize the strengths and values I possess, and use them in a manner that makes me a better person both professionally and personally. I leave each session with a greater understanding of myself and how I can become a more effective leader. Heidi's professionalism and caring personality make each session educational, enlightening, and enjoyable. The knowledge and insight I have gained about myself will help me to continue to grow as a person and a professional in the years to come."  

Emily M. - Participant in Coro Pittsburgh's Women in Leadership XVII Cohort

"In the few coaching sessions I had with Heidi she really helped me solidify my career direction in only a short period of time. She guided me to realize my own strengths and how I could leverage them in my career search. I knew I did not have the support and guidance from certain individuals that I was expecting in my job searching process, but Heidi helped me to realize that I could use my strengths and skills to do the search on my own and that the support I was lacking could come instead from my friends and family. Through our coaching sessions I have realized I am more qualified for positions than I had initially thought I was and I have been accepted into a prestigious, highly-coveted 2 year fellowship program."

Julianne B. - Postdoctoral Researcher - Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialist

"I found myself in a position where I felt torn about making a career decision.  I spent months weighing my options, writing out pros and cons, praying and discussing with loved ones, and still had not come to a decision on my own.  Heidi’s coaching was a wonderful gift in my life.  Through deep discussion, reflection and guidance, Heidi led me in making a decision that I was 100% confident in.  It was refreshing to sit and talk with Heidi.  I knew she was not there to tell me what to do, but instead guide me in searching and following my heart.  There are so many times in life when we face difficult choices and decisions, and I believe life coaching can be extremely helpful during those times.  Heidi is a true professional and was a pleasure to work with."

Lindsay M. Mom & Reading Specialist


“ I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi through a Women In Leadership course andas part of the program we had the opportunity to meet with a variety of coaches.   I certainly don’t believe that it was a chance meeting or coincidence that I met Heidi and we began this journey.  I've learned so much about myself personally and professionally. I was able to process and complete achievable goals. My experience made me identify my strengths and feel more confident in my journey. I felt that incorporating Christian values and respecting the importance of God in all that we do helped me to exam my personal relationship with God in my life.  It has been an absolute joy and life changing experience in going through this coaching process. Thank You Heidi!”

Leah H. Executive Director - Hazelwood YMCA

"I was struggling with several issues in my relationships and I was not sure how to work through them properly while glorifying God in the process. Heidi came alongside of me and guided me as I navigated the issues before me. She asked thought-provoking questions that helped me get to the heart of my issues. Even better than helping me work through the issues, Heidi helped me to more clearly understand myself. She opened my eyes as to why I act certain ways and gave me practical tools and steps that will allow me to grow and change. Coaching with Heidi was one of the best decisions I made and what she taught me will help me both now and in the future."

Dana - Single Female Christian